My sister is pregnant with her second son and due in September! I’m so excited to have another nephew and come this holiday season we will have 5 kids between the two of us…wow!! Both her and I have been on a roller coaster ride when it comes to our health and fitness. We are working towards a collaboration geared towards fitness while juggling the joys of motherhood (where working out with your child does not work, lol), work and family. We both tend to go pretty hard in either direction and I am so proud to say that I have witnessed some bad ass commitment from her with this pregnancy. It’s pretty inspiring. She has found what we all strive for…a balance. Here she is, almost 35 weeks pregnant, still working out and still feeling great. And keep in mind this is what she wanted and needed to do for herself. Thats apart of it, listening to your body. I was more than happy to take some portraits of her at our gym, CrossFit Novem…even if that meant she swindled me into shooting two maternity sessions this time around, lol. This is what Erin had to say:

“I wanted to do this photo shoot for a few reasons. I feel there is such a stigma against women working out while they are pregnant. Being pregnant is not a disability, and not a reason to stop working out if that is already a part of your lifestyle. With the blessing of my doctor, and the amazing guidance of all my coaches, I’ve been able to safely continue doing CrossFit through my pregnancy. It has helped me feel strong and healthy as a woman, a mother, and human who is growing another human. I am so grateful for my gym family and my coaches at CrossFit Novem for being by my side through this journey :).”


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