Our new addition is here and my hiatus is over!  Russell and I welcomed our daughter, Fiona, to this world on January 4th at 7:47pm.  These past couple of months have been a whirlwind with trying to finish and deliver all my editing before the holidays and before the baby came, and then awaiting the arrival of our baby girl.  2015 was such a fabulous year of love stories that I was lucky enough to capture, only to start 2016 with my own new love story.  These raw life moments make me fall in love with the art of photography more and more.  I had to relinquish the control of shooting for some of these moments but that is ok because I am lucky enough to have amazingly talented people in my life. The first is my friend and colleague Stacey Dennin. She shot my maternity shots and not only delivered beautiful imagery, she made me feel super comfortable. As a lot of you know I hate being in front of the camera, however Stacey met that challenge and succeeded. See more of Stacey’s work here: http://www.staceydennin.com

FionaJessicaMagyar 1

The holiday’s came and went and Fiona was still not here. My due date was New Years Eve however Fiona wasn’t ready yet.  So what did Russell and I do? We went and danced to Joe Russo’s Almost Dead at the Fillmore to bring in 2016. We actually ran into one of our love birds from 2014, Jim:)  Maybe it was the dancing on New Years or cleaning the house in the days after but whatever it was Fiona arrived on 1.4.16.  I fell in love with the name Fiona a few years back when I was watching a corny cop show with my dad and one of the characters name was Fiona. For some reason it stuck and I love that its of Irish decent and the nickname Fi is just so cute:) When Russell and I found out we were having a girl I mentioned the name Fiona and he loved it immediately. Her middle name Jessica is in honor of my late older sister, someone who I have felt with me so strongly these last months:) We were at Pennsylvania Hospital and couldn’t be happier with our team of nurses and midwife. Fiona Jessica Magyar was born at 7:47 pm, weighed 9.1 lbs and 20 3/4 inches long. Russell my amazing partner, husband and best friend shot these beautiful shots at the hospital and of our first few days home. It was amazing marrying him, it has been more amazing watching him be a father. And our first babies, the dogs, have been awesome big brothers!

FionaJessicaMagyar 2FionaJessicaMagyar 3

So almost 2 weeks in I finally got to shoot!!  I had Fiona’s newborn shoot on the 15th and she did great. We of course involved her brothers Ringo & Chino, who are pros in front of the camera at this point:)  My sister Erin brought over my nephew Lucas so we got to include him as well!  He is so sweet with his baby cousin Fi.

FionaJessicaMagyar 4FionaJessicaMagyar 5FionaJessicaMagyar 6FionaJessicaMagyar 7

I thank you all for the words of encouragement, support and love that we have received.  I am so excited for 2016 and the love stories this year brings.  We love you!


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