As most of my clients know I am from South Florida and moved to Philadelphia when I was 14. My father, step mom and close friends that I consider family are still down there. When I started my company 9 years ago I started fleeing to Florida for a month in the winter to work, play and relax. Thankfully Russell has always been supportive of me doing this:) Since having kids the month long winter escape has shortened to a couple of weeks and there is not much relaxing going on but I’m committed to keep this winter tradition going for as long as I can. This specific trip was definitely more for my girls, considering I am about to pop with baby girl #3 and Russell couldn’t go…it was exhausting but worth it. I love seeing Fi & Lu play on the beach where Russell proposed to me, introducing them to friends I grew up with and most important, spending that quality time with Pop & Nana.

I grew up in Homestead, which is south of Miami, however my dad has lived further north for years now. He has been in Hollywood for about 8 years so that’s where we get to retreat to…and he is only about 2 miles from the beach (my happy place), 20 minutes south of Ft. Lauderdale and 30 minutes north of Miami. Great spot, my home away from home.

We really missed daddy and I am extremely close to my due date so we are back in Philly, in the cold:)


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