With Halloween in one week I thought Ashley would be a perfect fit for this week’s vendor spotlight!!  She is the director of Hudrick SFX and an expert in character prosthetic and makeup applications for photo and film. Her background is 4+ years in SFX and 6+ years in beauty cosmetics. Ashley’s education background includes the Dick Smith special FX makeup training, Stan Winston school of character art, and a two week master class with Prosthetic Renaissance Inc.

The most notable work is featured on Ashley’s Instagram, HudrickSFX, including freelance contracted projects and in-studio gory projects. Her work is so realistic I find myself having to quickly scroll by the more gory characters…like the ones below, you have been warned!

She also just started a series called ‘Wyatt Wednesdays’ when she features her work so proudly displayed on her son Wyatt and it is the cutest thing!

As you can see she is very talented and she is just as good at glam looks.

In her own words,  “I love being able to turn my clients into an out of this world creature or pamper them on their special day.”

She is available for hire for character work, Halloween, Weddings, Special Effects, etc.  She may be contacted at: a.hudrickmua@gmail.com

Instagram is: https://www.instagram.com/hudricksfx

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/AshleyHudrickMUA/


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