Russell and I love when we are able to spend quality time with our family. This past weekend I got to know a pretty cool family who have been apart of Russell’s entire life, the DeYoungs.  Russell’s father, Big Russ, and Mr. DeYoung, Jeff, have been friends since they were eight.  Throughout the years their friendship has remained strong, even through the ever continuing Eagles – Steelers arguments:)  Because the DeYoung’s live 3 hours away, I’ve only met some of them once, until this past weekend.  It’s so cool seeing the history these two families have together and I am honored that I am now apart of it.  To my future mother in law and Jeff”s wife Nancy, thank you for putting up with those two knuckle heads and the chaos that comes with the friendship for all these years.  It was great getting to know you!  And thanks for introducing us to hill-billy slip & slide, haha…great times!!!!


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