My sister Erin and her boyfriend Paul have welcomed their son, Lucas Edward Capella, into this world on September 9th, 2014.  Erin was permitted two other people besides Paul in the delivery room and so my mother and I got to witness this beautiful little boy come into this world. The experience was surreal. My mother and I were most happy that we didn’t annoy Erin to the point of getting kicked out, lol. It was beautiful and hard to watch all at the same time. It was very difficult watching my sister be in so much pain but it was beautiful watching her turn into a mother before my very own eyes and witnessing such an amazing partnership between her and Paul. Here are a few shots from the experience.

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for,  a picture of Aunt Carley holding Lucas for the first time:)

I finally allowed myself to sleep and Russell took full advantage…thanks hubs!

And of course I was super eager to take some newborn portraits so 10 days after this little guy was born he was a rock star for his shoot (not going to mention it took two days and both Erin and I were peed and pooped on in the process:) There are so many people that love this little boy already but I’d like to remember our sister Jessica who I know is just so proud of you Erin & Paul and is Lucas’s #1 angel. Love you guys <3 Carley



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