I got to spend the early part of Halloween with Megan & John for their engagement session.  They selected the Manayunk Towpath which ended up being amazing.  I have never shot there before so it was a new adventure for me, which I love!  Megan and John were great.  You would think they were in the midst of a new romance the way they were playing and kissing with one another! It was awesome.  I have to give a shout out to the people responsible for connecting me with Megan & John, Real World Strength Coach Dave Lee and his wife Ana Lee.  Dave owns Crossfit Manayunk and John is one of his trainers. They are amazing!  I got my butt kicked a few times by both Dave & John.  I highly recommend  Crossfit Manayunk or the location I just transferred to, Crossfit Novem over in Fishtown, for anyone trying to get into shape!  Enjoy the pictures, <3 Carley


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