Our baby, Lucy Patricia Magyar, is 1 year old today.  She came into this world after a Sunday Funday of watching the Eagles last year at my sisters house. I walked home after the game and soon after that my water broke and off to the hospital we went! My labor was not too long and I only ended up pushing for about 15 minutes before Lucy was in my arms. Russell and I feel so blessed. Growing up with two sisters I couldn’t wait to bring Lucy home and have her and Fi start building their relationship. And that they did! This last year has definitely been a whirlwind! I can already tell our little Lucy is a go getter and will fight for what she wants in life. Lu, I love you so much! You have made our life this past year more beautiful! Happy Birthday!!!

Here are some highlights of our Lu’s first year around the sun. We love you baby girl:)

Lucy arrives!

Lucy’s first Halloween, Hei-Hei & big sis Moana

First Thanksgiving

Christmas and New Years


Summer begins with a Memorial Day Camping Trip, Lucy’s Blessing and a family trip to the Outer Banks

Summer continues with the 4th of July, family pool days and beach days…and with Lucy starting to walk at just 10 months old!

Summer starts to wind down as we celebrate Lucy’s turn being promoted to big sis:)

And this quick selfie was taken yesterday…one last picture with my baby before she turned one:)


We are having our smash the cake photo session today…stay tuned!  Love you Lu-Lu!!!!!! xoxoxo



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