First things first, it was so weird being on the other side of the camera!!!  I too, like most of my clients, felt super awkward at first and was really nervous.  A couple mimosa’s prior to the shoot definitely helped, and is now something I will advise my clients to do if they are feeling the same:)  After we fell into a groove and started lightening up, the fun began. Everything about marrying Russell excites me so of course I was excited about getting some cool pictures taken.  I never thought the day would come when everything about spending my life with someone felt so right.  A lot of my clients don’t know this but when I was 21 I lost my older sister.  For a very long time I truly believed I would never be genuinely happy again.  I would get on with life but that spark would never be that bright again.  Through many up and downs and a lot of soul searching I started to grow as a person.  Then, a couple years later, the amazing and beautiful power of love fell upon me when Russell and I met.  My real healing had just begun and Russell helped light that spark again.  I know it sounds cheesy when said, but I love LOVE.  The power of love from my family is the only thing that got me to stand on two feet again and then the beautiful love I received from Russell was the icing on the cake.  This is another reason why I love my job so much.  To be able to give people pictures of their friends and family on one of the most special days of their life is truly a blessing.  Now, time to spread the love – I am so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing and talented people.  Kelli, a good friend of mine who is an amazing hair stylist at Jason Matthew Salon,  styled my hair for the engagement session and will also be doing my hair for the wedding.  Another good friend of mine, Victoria Roggio, a phenomenal Philadelphia based makeup artist, did my makeup for the engagement session and will also be doing it for the wedding.  Last but definitely not least, Shea Roggio!!!  He is the amazing photographer who shot these fantastic images and will also be shooting the wedding photos.  Shea is a very good friend of mine who is the photographer that initially introduced me to wedding photography and who helped me get to where I am today:)  Love you all!!! I’ll shut up now, enjoy the pics:)


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