Yes, the Carley K Photography team is expanding by one, Russell and I are expecting our first baby.  The due date is New Years Eve which is super cool because that is our anniversary of the first time we said I love you to each other:) I hold a very special place in my heart for everyone’s love story I’ve been lucky enough to capture and I get so excited when I hear about other milestones my lovebirds experience after they get married, so I thought it only fitting we share ours!  And what does this mean for my upcoming weddings?? Nothing…well except I may end up crying more then I do at your wedding (has already happened), I may yell at Russell a bit more (usually happens:) and I might be extra excited about dinner!  In all seriousness I love what I do so I didn’t want starting a family to jeopardize that. I stayed away from booking winter weddings  in hope we’d need that time and everything ended up working out for the best, thankfully. One of the many reasons I love shooting weddings is having the opportunity to capture the raw emotion of love and happiness just pouring out of people, thank you for sending that love and support right back to us. I’m looking forward to making some kick ass photos, with my belly and all!




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