Day 4 of my new website celebratory week brings me to announce a new feature of mine, a monthly Vendor Spotlight!  I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing talent in and outside of the wedding industry. I will be sharing these talented professionals with you on a monthly basis.  To kick off the feature I present Novem Bootcamp, located in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. We have teamed up together to offer you some fantastic promotions.  And we thought to do this not only to get you looking the best for your wedding but to introduce an awesome and fun way of getting fit and being healthy.  I’ve been a member of Novem for quite some time and although you can’t tell now since I’m pregos, it is my best method of staying fit! Joe & Lesha, owners and two of the kick ass coaches at Novem, have come up with some great deals for all of my bride & grooms, including some really cool entire wedding party packages.  Please see below and contact me or Novem with any questions.  Thanks!!

Here is the breakdown:

1-6 people (based off of 3xweek membership)

Bronze: 4 weeks: 10% off,  Silver: 8 weeks: 12% off ,  Gold: 12 weeks: 14% off

6 people or more  (based off of 3xweek membership)

Group Bronze: 4 weeks: 10% off,  Group Silver: 8 weeks: 15% off, Group Gold: 12 weeks: 20% off

Each Individual and Group Plan comes with a Free nutrition Seminar and Full Body Composition before they start the the program (If more then 1 person we will do a group nutrition seminar)

We also want to celebrate you before the big day so Novem and I will throw you a party, after a workout of course, including me shooting the workout, the party and portraits of the almost wed couple! Details:

Pre Wedding Bridal Party WOD: $200 ($100 when a Gold package is purchased) w/ Champagne Toast up to 20 people (this can be with other people that didn’t do the bootcamp)  (total app time 2 hours)

So lets get fit, take pictures & get married:)



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