As most of you know, Russell and I got engaged the day before Thanksgiving. In honor of Valentines Day I’d thought I share our story.  I love hearing about how my clients met and I love hearing about the proposal, so here is ours:)

The First Kiss. Russell and I were introduced through a close mutual friend (who will be doing us the honor of marrying us!). It was not until a year after that introduction that we went to Bonnaroo (a music festival in Tennessee) with a group of  friends.  We had a blast with all of our friends and especially with each other.  Instead of driving the long drive back to Philadelphia after the festival, we drove 45 minutes to my amazing Aunt & Uncle’s house, Lady Kathleen & Captain Jack!  They live in this amazing house on this beautiful river which we took full advantage of.  During one of our dips Russell kissed me, and that will be 6 years ago from June18th this year. We quickly became attached at the hip.

The Dogs. Chino, our 6lb Yorkie-Poo, was actually a gift to my younger sister and I the summer before Russell and I got together.  Chino and I were a package deal and Russell not only accepted that but embraced it, adopting Chino immediately:)  Two years later I come home from work and after going on about my day for a good 10 minutes I noticed this little head with big ears pop out from under the blanket. Russell surprised me with baby Ringo, a perfect addition to our life.  He is our 75lb Weimaraner.

The Memories. Our journey has taken us bunjee jumping in Thailand (sorry mom & dad!), skydiving in New Jersey, horse back riding in PA (my V-Day gift from last year:), endless hikes with our favorite pups and of course as many music festivals we can go to!

The Proposal.  As most of you know I was born and raised in South Florida. My father is still down there so I am back and forth all the time. Last year we made plans to spend Thanksgiving with my dad in sunny South Florida.  Once down there Russell asked if I wanted to go watch the sunrise on the beach and of course I thought it was a great idea.  Watching the sunrise is something we do from time to time so it didn’t cause any speculation.  Once on the beach we got cozy and waited for the sun.  As soon as the sun peaked it’s shine over the clouds Russell got in front of me, and on his knee, asked me to marry him:)  Of course the moment he started asking one of those huge beach tractors drove right behind us so it turned into Russell screaming the question I had been waiting for, lol.  The moment was perfect.

The Ring.  I have the honor of wearing my beautiful grandmother’s engagement ring.  Russell knew my mother had my grandmother’s wedding rings and that I had hoped to one day wear the engagement ring.  Russell asked my mom and of course my mom was happy to pass it on.  My grandmother was married in 1947.  Once I said yes and the ring was on my finger we started thinking about dates.  Because we shoot weddings the first available time for us to have a wedding is Spring 2014.  One of those Saturdays is May 10th, so I told my mom that is a date we’re considering.  She replied, “Carley, that is Nanny & Pop-Pop’s wedding anniversary.”  I teared up right there!  I am not only wearing my grandmothers wedding ring but Russell and I are sharing her and my grandfathers wedding anniversary.

So after May 10th, 2014 Carley K Photography will be a husband & wife team:)  Happy Valentines Day!!!


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