So this wedding season is the first wedding season since 2015 that I am not pregnant or nursing….is it a sign there is a pandemic and I am restricted from shooting, like a sign Russell and I should have a 4th child?!?! Haha, totally kidding. But man was I excited and felt so refreshed and revitalized for this year. These past few years of pregnancy & nursing while shooting were definitely tough. Not as tough during the week, you just didn’t know I had a baby on my boob while talking to you on the phone:) Really though, the pumping in the car in between events, trying to be unobtrusive with a giant belly…that stuff gets old, haha. When I tell you I was excited for this year, that is an understatement. I redesigned my studio, met with new photographers and other wedding vendors to collaborate with and had a whole year of in-studio mini shoots planned out. The year is far from over and I am excited about the creative ways we are moving forward but since I’ve taken pause I realized that this is actually my 10th year in the business. I shot my first wedding 10 years ago, and it’s been a while since I’ve written about myself! 10 years ago, I was Sing Dance Love, which shortly thereafter changed to Carley K Photography. I had a hot boyfriend I forced to be my free assistant, two precious dogs that the hot boyfriend and I took everywhere and an awesome apartment in Fishtown. 10 years & many weddings later (including mine) the hot boyfriend turned into the hot husband, hot husband quit Carley K photography, our two precious dogs made their journey over the rainbow bridge (can’t even get into it for this post), apartment turned into house and we have been blessed with three awesome little humans.

For those of you that don’t know the hot husbands name is Russell:) We have been together for 13 years, married for 6. Our daughters are Fiona, Lucy and Rhea. They are 4, 2 and 1. Here are each of their newborn and 1st Birthday pics:)

Besides family time & work my interests haven’t changed that much. Sitting around a fire listening to music, live music, being active, camping, traveling, getting together with friends, going out to eat….all the things! Haha, although with three little ones these hobbies are more like rare treasures, lol. Life is chaotic but I love it. Family walks are the jam right now and I’m grateful to have a nice park around the corner from my house. Also grateful for our close friend who lives here and is the queen of iPhone candid shots.

So yes I’m still here, haha. I have a gorgeous studio waiting to be played in, new equipment waiting to be used and no breast milk that I need you to store for me while I shoot:) I miss you all and can not wait to start making pictures for you again. Until then, here are more of my children…since I can’t get away from them…lol. Love yas, be safe!


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