Well any day now I will be going radio silent for a couple of weeks as my husband and I welcome our third baby girl into this world. These last three years have been nothing short of a miraculous whirlwind. Running this amazing business I am fortunate enough to have and embracing the world of motherhood has been one crazy experience, lol. Motherhood has brought to the surface different emotions that I never new existed. Photographing peoples life through this ride has been more of an outlet than ever before. I feel each thing makes me better at the other. I get to witness parents watching their grown children on one of their most magical days and it often brings me to tears. I hear vows of love expressed uniquely and genuinely on a regular basis. I get to come home to my husband and babes filled with that love. I’m grateful.

As grateful as I am for this growth in love and spirituality this will be our last baby:) Its bittersweet and its all happened so fast. I feel like I was just pregnant with Fiona (3) never mind having Lucy (17 months) in the middle of my most busiest time of year, lol. Well now comes Rhea June and I am beyond thrilled, anxious and excited to hold her in my arms. Thank you for your patience in these last days as I prepare to bring this beautiful light into this world. Here are a couple pics Russell took since I totally dropped the ball on an actual maternity session…I know I know! Don’t mind my bellybutton, she’s been through a lot these past few year, lol.


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