My beautiful baby girl made her arrival on March 16th, 2019…just one day after my birthday. These past two weeks have been filled with love, snuggles and very little sleep, lol. Although I’m not shooting for another two weeks I am plugged back into the world. Thank you for your patience if you have emailed me in the last two weeks!

Rhea’s entrance into this world was as beautiful and breath taking as my other two daughters. I had my amazing labor team…Russell and my sister:) Although Russell is my rock and just an amazing partner during labor and delivery I have to give a shout out to my sister. She just wrapped up an intense nursing program and her final was scheduled for days after my delivery so I told her she didn’t have to come. She came and during the time I didn’t need anything she spent studying…in my delivery room, lol. Thank you Erin!

Rhea arrived in the afternoon of March 16th at 8 pounds and 15 ounces! I have big babies, what can I say:) She was smiling almost as soon as the nurses laid her on me. I cried, Russell cried, Erin almost forgot to take pictures being caught up in the moment, lol.

Just a few short hours later it was decided that a photo shoot of the family was a good idea….I was way to hormonal and exhausted to know that maybe I wouldn’t be the most photogenic at that point. I was also way too excited to introduce Rhea to her big sisters:)

When Lucy was born I got her and Fiona matching outfits to go home from the hospital in. My way of incorporating Fiona into the big day of bringing home her new sister. So of course I had to do the same for Rhea:) They loved it…so did I!

The first few days home were exhausting and a blur…we all appreciated nap time.

Alas I had to shoot Rhea’s newborn session…which turned into more of a sister shoot and my patience and energy wore out quite fast, lol. But hey I did it a week and a half after giving birth!

I can’t say enough how in love with these little souls I am. Rhea, welcome to this crazy family! My heart can explode with the love added by you coming into this world. I thank God everyday for the precious gift of these beautiful souls and for the best partner in Russell to do this thing called life with.

Love to everyone <3


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